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COUNSELLING – one to one sessions that is available using many varying forms of expression such as talk, sand, clay and paint. This is suitable to of adults, young people and children

SAND PLAY THERAPY – one to one sessions using sand as a medium of expression. It uses 3 dimensional images focusing on the psyche, inner self, conscious and unconscious mind. This is a non verbal technique that is suitable for adults, young people and children.

GROUP WORK – clients with similar issues that would benefit from peer support as well as counselling or therapy, such as anger, anxiety , assertiveness and communication

THERAPEUTIC PLAY – using play as a safe and important process to allow children and young people to explore and be able to change thoughts feeling and behaviour.

HYPNOTHERAPY – the use of trance like states of relaxation to reinforce positive self beliefs that are limiting life experiences. Safe and healthy benefits to common issues such as anxiety, eating issues, anger, phobias, fears and self esteem.

Issues people use counselling and therapy for

Bullying – work and school environment


Relationship breakdown – family or friendships


Medical issues – chronic illness or disabilities





Obsessional behaviours

Self esteem and low confidence